Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taking shape

 First time walking through the new front entrance!  How exciting.  It is really taking shape now.  As the building evolves, we are making final decisions about all sorts of things.  For example, the exterior colours.  We have a palette picked out, and have painted some sample patches here and there, but won't make the final decision until we can really see the shape of the building.

Upper storey colour (looks much whiter than this when outside.)

Lower storey colour

Fence and retaining wall colour

Once the roof goes on, it will be crunch time!

The front door! (well, you know what I mean!)

The new garage and master bedroom over the top.

The entry and living area.

Living area with big doors in - can't wait to get rid of the pesky wall (the one on the left that keeps obstructing my "feel" for the room)

Outdoor area!


  1. Hi Susan
    Great work so far!
    So, are you leaving the 'cathedral' ceilings in the living areas? I always think that's the easiest solution to low ceilings if you don't have a second storey - just rip out the existing low ceiling and go into the roof space.
    Love the bathroom and laundry.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.
    carry on!

    1. Hi Jane,
      Things seem to happening so fast at the moment - it's really exciting/nerve racking/stressful all rolled into one! Regarding the ceilings, most definitely yes! They are staying. In fact, the architect designed the renovation around the existing cathedral ceilings in the original living room. This is why we demolished the existing garage (which will be the new living room),and have put new trusses in, to match the line of the ceilings.

  2. That is one MASSIVE reno. It looks like a total re-build!. I like your external colour choices. What did you end up selecting for the upper storey, weatherboard or FC sheeting? xx

  3. Hi Caroline, yes it is a big job. We are going for the FC sheeting for the upper storey - a more modern coastal look, I think.