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Looking our best at a friend's wedding

Hello and welcome to our blog! I'm Susan, a serial renovator, married to Brenton, a builder and we have two wonderful teenage daughters.  Over the last 18 years we have built and renovated several homes.  Many of our friends think we’re crazy.  Why do we do it? Because we love it! From the moment we see the "renovator's delight" to drafting plans, choosing colours and finishes and then carrying out the renovations, we absolutely love the process. 
We are now embarking on our largest renovation yet and this one is  hopefully, our forever house.  Although I love renovating,  I AM sick of moving!   I decided to create this blog to share our passion for building and renovating with our friends who think we’re a little mad and to possibly inspire others who may also have a renovation fixation.         XOXO   Susan 

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