Friday, June 14, 2013

Slow and steady

So, the reno moves on.  All kids bedrooms are finished and are about to be sealed up, away from the dust and mess that will be happening soon.  Next stage is the partial demolition of the existing garage, and the completion of the extension.  As you can see, it is built and the floor joists are in.   If we (finally) get some fine weather, we should soon see a second floor.  Still so grateful I don't have to live in the house while this is happening!!

Bedroom 2.  Eventually there will be a lovely garden out there so Katie doesn't have to look at a bare wall.

Great WIR

The new garage, with soon to be second floor.

Welcome to my kitchen, dining area!  

Concrete for outdoor living area - covered in plastic to keep out the rain!


  1. Wow Susan it look to be moving along nicely.

  2. Yes. Have you looked at my light options on the next post? I would love to know what you think.