Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taking shape

 First time walking through the new front entrance!  How exciting.  It is really taking shape now.  As the building evolves, we are making final decisions about all sorts of things.  For example, the exterior colours.  We have a palette picked out, and have painted some sample patches here and there, but won't make the final decision until we can really see the shape of the building.

Upper storey colour (looks much whiter than this when outside.)

Lower storey colour

Fence and retaining wall colour

Once the roof goes on, it will be crunch time!

The front door! (well, you know what I mean!)

The new garage and master bedroom over the top.

The entry and living area.

Living area with big doors in - can't wait to get rid of the pesky wall (the one on the left that keeps obstructing my "feel" for the room)

Outdoor area!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

going up!

Second storey is on and the remaining "old" section is in the process of being rebuilt.  It seems to be going ahead quite quickly now, which means some more decisions from me.

The kitchen is the next major installation and I have chosen colours and door profiles and stone, but I am struggling to choose pendant lights for over the island bench.  Here are some elevations with the lights I like "stuck" on - BTW, everything is to scale.  I quite like the stainless look to complement the splash backs, but I also like the look of the white.  Any preferences?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Slow and steady

So, the reno moves on.  All kids bedrooms are finished and are about to be sealed up, away from the dust and mess that will be happening soon.  Next stage is the partial demolition of the existing garage, and the completion of the extension.  As you can see, it is built and the floor joists are in.   If we (finally) get some fine weather, we should soon see a second floor.  Still so grateful I don't have to live in the house while this is happening!!

Bedroom 2.  Eventually there will be a lovely garden out there so Katie doesn't have to look at a bare wall.

Great WIR

The new garage, with soon to be second floor.

Welcome to my kitchen, dining area!  

Concrete for outdoor living area - covered in plastic to keep out the rain!