Friday, March 15, 2013

The demolition begins

This week the really yucky part began.  Demolition.  While we are still living here, we need to have the "old" section of the building renovated, so we have somewhere to store all our stuff when the extension and gutting of the remainder of the house happens.  (We won't be living here then!)This part has the girls' bedrooms, bathroom and laundry.  So, I am fighting the dust, bumping into tradies at ungodly  hours of the morning, the dust, having only one bathroom and toilet (eeeek, we have three women in this house!), the dust, the noise, and oh, did I mention the DUST!
I am still making final decisions on colours, but have just about nailed it down.  This week will also see us ordering cabinets, stone and bathroom fittings - there's no turning back now!

My Granny had an outdoor laundry too.  Works just fine!

Off comes the old plasterboard to reveal lovely old hardwood framing.
Soon to be glamorous laundry

Is it a laundry, is it a lounge? It's a pain in the butt!