Friday, October 12, 2012

Make a decision already!

The house was littered with tiles
and colour chips for weeks!
Tiles!  They are the one thing in a house that I struggle to make a decision about.  They are tricky little numbers, because they always look different when they are laid.  They look lighter laid horizontal vs vertical.  They look lighter in a big space.  They look darker if the entire room is tiled. And of course, it all depends on the natural light in the room.  Arghhh.  These are a few of the reasons I often choose timber and/or carpet!  The other one is that they are so permanent.  But, the bathrooms must be tiled, so I must grit my teeth and make a decision.  Fortunately for me, my local tile store has angels working there, who patiently pull out tile after tile after tile.  In the last month, I have taken home about 12 different tiles – seriously!  But, I have decided on a white subway tile for the bathroom walls, a lovely grey limestone look lapatto for the floors and feature walls.  Did I tell you I also had to choose the outdoor tile?  This was a little easier, as I had my outdoor colours to guide me. 
Exterior colour 2
Exterior colour 1
Price is also something that helps you whittle down your choices.  I don’t know if this happens to you, but almost every outdoor tile I oooh and ahhh over is usually around double what our budget allows.  Anyway, we have gone for a grey limestone look tile and an aqua pool tile. Can’t wait to see them laid!