Friday, August 17, 2012

This one is a winner!

Eastern elevation
 So, today we picked up concept plan number two and it's great!  And, a whole lot cheaper than concept #1.  We have had to make quite a few compromises, but that is par for the course when renovating.
 This new design will see the southern wing of the current house stay pretty much the same lay out, with our old ensuite and robe becoming the walk in robes for bedrooms two and three.  Our biggest compromise is the location of the master. Initially we wanted the master down stairs, with a kids retreat upstairs.  We have also had to give up the idea of a dedicated library .  These are the compromises you must make to stay within budget.  We have managed to keep high ceilings in the living areas, with the old part of the house keeping the lower 8 foot ceilings. Our new section upstairs will have high ceilings too.  Feast your eyes!
Upper floor - master suite
Lower floor