Friday, May 4, 2012

Meet the architect

We met with our architect this week (at last!) to start on the plans for our renovation/extension.  The process of working with an architect is quite rewarding.  A lot of people assume it’s very expensive so they don’t even consider it.  It certainly can be, but doesn’t need to be.  In fact I believe that their understanding of buildings and spaces can actually save you money, or at the very least, give you better value for your money.  Choosing the right architect is very important.  David is happy to hand over project management to Brenton and the design finishes to me.  He also values our input – it is our house after all.  Some architects won’t do this and insist on total creative control as well as tight project management.  This is when it gets expensive, obviously, because it’s a lot of work.  We did the design for two of our previous renovations without any expert assistance and I also designed our first new build and we were very happy with the outcome.  However, this will be a lot more extensive than any reno we have done before and will involve a major extension, so it’s definitely worth paying for his expertise.  This is the third time we have worked with David and I know what we end up with will be fabulous.   

Architect's brief: create a warm, spacious, stylish family home with a coastal feel
4 bedrooms with large robes
3 bathrooms (ensuite, family & powder)
Large kitchen with walk in pantry
Large open plan living, dining, kitchen
Separate family room
Triple garage
Passive solar design
Large outdoor living space with swimming pool
High ceilings
Lots of light

The house as it is now.