Sunday, February 3, 2013

From little things.... we plant our garden

Well, we had a lovely Christmas break and it has continued well into January.
We have been busy creating our gardens facing the main entertainment areas.  As usual, the decision making for me is the hardest part.  For Brenton of course, its the doing!  We were pretty careful to enrich the soil with some dynamic lifter and compost.  After planting we have covered the soil with sugar cane mulch.  This helps prevent water loss as well as providing enrichment for the soil as it is breaking down.  We are hoping (as is everyone) for a respite from the searing heat so the poor little things don't get fried.  We chose lillipillies for the entertainment area - simply as a screen, and some lovely heliconias, with a few giant bird of paradise interspersed among them, for around the pool.  Fingers crossed for some rain and not too hot weather!

Where's Mum?

It'd be lovely to have a swim on such a hot day!
And, they're in!

Grow, my lovelies, grow!

No, it's not a garden sculpture.

Can't wait to see this Poinciana in full bloom.  It should provide us with some lovely summer shade in the mornings.